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Deploy AWS Organizations and Control Tower the right way

Access an online course and community that will save you thousands of dollars when deploying your AWS Infrastructure

I’m creating an online course with an accompanying community that will provide a detailed walk-through for deploying a clean AWS Organization configured for proper management and governance requirements.

This is a flagship AWS Management & Governance course that I’ve provided details about over the last few issues of this newsletter.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using the course for your future deployment(s) of AWS Organizations.


The benefits of the course boil down to saving 90% or more of hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or an independent architect to deploy your environment. These are just the AWS services and infrastructure required for the foundation of a robust application development and production configuration.


The time saved by leveraging the content in this course is will make back your investment 10x. Tracking down AWS documentation and reference architecture solutions take time. I consolidate all of the information in one location.


You will gain an actual understanding of why a configuration is made or where the services are configured that manage all the back end nuance to AWS Organizations and Control Tower.

Content Covered

The following topics will be covered in the initial release of the course:

  • Convention & Planning - understand the importance of Account, Email, and Tag naming conventions as well as proper communication of environment and security notifications.

  • AWS Organizations Configuration - properly deploy and configure a new AWS Organization (or modify existing) with AWS Control Tower Landing Zone, initial Controls and Safeguards, and structure.

  • Authentication - configure AWS or an external Identity Provider to manage centralized access to all accounts in your organization.

  • Core Service Delegation - set up central administration of core services for authentication, governance, management, and security.

  • Baseline Security - deploy initial controls and monitoring to support the scalability of your environment.

  • Custom configurations - decide and deploy customization frameworks to support developer velocity and enablement.

To learn more visit the course description page 👇


Why should you register for a course that isn’t released yet?

Early adopters and registrants for the content and community will be grandfathered in for steep discounts or totally free access to future content such as:

Deploying AWS resources from GitLab-CI

A walk-through of how to deploy the AWS OIDC IAM Role/IDP Pair required to do the GitLab-CI automation I wrote about and provided a demo to in this previous issue.

Deploying AWS resources from GitHub Workflow Actions

The identical process to deploy the OIDC IAM Role/IDP pair to support the deployment of AWS Resources using GitHub Workflow Actions.

If you are still interested in purchasing the pre-sale access to the Greenfield AWS Organization Deployment Course, you can access that HERE.

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Disclaimer: The resources and topics shared within this newsletter are for informational use only. Any resources deployed or tools implemented are done so at your own risk. Do your research and testing before the implementation of any resource or service deployed for any workload.