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Generating short-form content for your AWS struggles

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This week's topics

  • Generating short-form videos to answer basic AWS gotchas

  • Multi-account strategy for small and medium businesses

  • Greenfield Organization Course Presale

Generating short-form videos

It’s official. Unlimited Leave now has a YouTube channel.

It was only a matter of time before I needed a place to put video lead-ins to any of the long-form course content that I plan on sharing. It is a slow roll. To think, some people make a career out of this.

In the meantime, I’m taking questions from the AWS re:Post forum and will be sharing them in ‘shorts’ (60-second-ish clips) on this channel.

Over time the plan is to put explanatory and tutorial-style content out.

If you’re interested, please subscribe. If you have any quick questions about AWS Organizations management or the like, please reply and I’ll give them a hot take.

Multi-account strategy for small and medium businesses

Super quiet again in the Management, Governance, and even CloudOps space this week. Another reason why we’re venturing into the generation of video content.

One blog post did trip my feed.

This post is written by Alex Torres from the AWS Cloud Foundations team. You might be thinking, “that team name sounds familiar.” Well, it should. I’ve been shilling their content here on the newsletter ever since I got back from re:Invent.

The primary reason is, that are putting out quality content on what it takes to get started using AWS Organization and Control Tower. The team wants to make sure you are doing it right. The main reason I am working on the Compliant Greenfield AWS Organization(s) course I started to share a few weeks ago.

The other reason is I spent a good part of the first half of re:Invent talking with this team and getting their take on what the issues the Control Tower adoption are and the direction AWS seems to be taking it.

Greenfield Organization Course Presale

A quick status update on the course creation. Presale is going to go live on April 1st. Information will be released in the March 31st issue of Unlimited Leave.

For years I’ve been gathering and building out content for a course like this. I’m very excited to keep piecing coherent something together that could provide immense value to other AWS Architects.

Like most people, I get paralyzed by the idea of things not being good enough or of high enough quality. I want to make the best product; however, I am limited by the resources and time currently at my disposal.

Full transparency through this whole process. The first version will not be released until June 30th. That is the target for access to anyone who registers during the presale and IF enough register.

I know many of you voiced your enthusiasm and stated in the poll that you would be interested in this content. Thank you for that. The reality of how many want the content will be decided in the

I want to make sure that while it may not be perfect at release, it is comprehensive. Because it appears that AWS is drifting away from Customizations for Control Tower (CfCT) to Account Factory Customizations (AFC), I’ve had to shift gears a little bit.

More updates next week.

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