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New Google Domains a big security concern

Happy Pizza Party Day! This is Unlimited Leave, the AWS Management and Governance newsletter that could go for a good pie.

This week's topics

  • New TLDs causing a stir

  • Announcements

  • Greenfield Course

New TLDs causing a stir

A very interesting write-up this week digging into the dangers of new *.ZIP top-level domain names.

I used to really enjoy looking into security topics and even tinkering with things like this. Now


Greenfield Course Update

I thought 2 months was a long time to presale something, but I’ll need every last minute of it.

Yet again, thank you to those continuing to support the project. Please continue to send in your questions and requests and I will either incorporate them throughout the build-out or add them in for free after the release.

  • March 31st - $99

  • April 7th. - $99

  • April 14th - $99

  • April 21st - $109

  • April 28th - $119

  • May 5th - $129

  • May 12th - $149

  • May 19th - $209

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