More support for Terraform

and post-conference announcements

Good day. This is Unlimited Leave, the AWS Management and Governance newsletter stoked for another re:Invent conference.

I’m unsure right now if I’ll be going this year but planning on it. Registration is open.

This week Wednesday wrapped up re:Inforce and the Public Sector Summit the week prior.

Therefore we saw a few promising security updates as well as Management and Governance.

Mostly just links today.

This week's topics

  • Latest Announcements

  • Control Tower Customizations support for Terraform

  • Refunds complete for Greenfield Organizations Course

Latest Announcements

AFC Support Terraform

This is an update worth its own section. I appreciate the work AWS is putting into supporting Terraform for managing accounts.

I thought sometime last year or at re:Invent 2022 we would see a big update around Terraform support and was wrong. It is nice to see the updates coming out.

Earlier this year, AWS released the Terraform Reference Engine on GitHub, enabling the use of Terraform in AWS Service Catalog.

It appears they are extending this functionality so now Account Factory Customizations (AFC) can leverage it within Control Tower to help define account types.

These features and updates are one reason I bit off way more than I could handle with the Greenfield course and will be narrowing my scope going forward.

Greenfield Refunds

The last batch of refunds went out yesterday and should be hitting everyone’s accounts by the end of next week. If you did not get a refund please reply to this email and we will look into that for you.

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