The case for AWS Multi-Org

along with other predictions for re:Invent

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This week's topics

  • As promised. My case for Multi-Org

  • Where I'm eating and drinking for free this coming week

  • Some predictions for re:Invent

  • Latest M&G Announcements

  • Resource of the week: AFT SSO Account Configuration

My case for AWS Multi-Org (start preparing now)

Earlier this week I posted 'The case for AWS multi-org`. It's the primary reason you should have saved this email for your flight... This post feels like the longest I've written*. I don't know if I'll do that again.

*This is the last week I will run this poll.

It is currently head-to-head for Option 1 vs. Option 3.

I don't think I can provide as much value with multiple posts like ☝️ but I don't mind putting one together every couple of months when the topic fits.

Please provide your feedback. A new poll will start in the next couple of weeks to determine how to implement any changes.

Hors d'oeuvre

Aside from the one free drink that I'll get before I blow all my per diem at the tables, I'll be bouncing around to a handful of events and meet-ups throughout the week.

Some meetups are social events and others are community focus groups or round tables.

There are of course all the evening receptions that Amazon hosts in the vendor hall. That must be the only way each vendor can get 20k+ badge scans over the course of the week.


  • DoD Tech Day (If I can get there in time)

  • Monday Night Live


  • AWS IQ Expert Round Table

  • AWS Customer Council Meetup

  • AWS Community Builders Meetup


  • re:Invent 5k

  • Service Catalog Focus Group

  • TBD Pub Crawl Locations


  • AWS Global Security & Compliance Acceleration Forum

  • AWS Certification Appreciation

  • and obviously re:Play

I'm nowhere near a geeky celebrity but if you somehow run into me and recognize me, please say hi. I'd love to hear what your M&G pains are and if you have time, what your thoughts are about the newsletter and share some 🍻.

As always, if you'd like to link up for a chat sometime during the week, you can message me in the AWS re:Invent 2022 Slack.

Some predictions for re:Invent

My focus is and always has been governance at scale. How can I or the team enable developers to do their work without worrying about all the little stuff like monitoring and log collection? Awfully boring stuff if you ask most developers working on programs that actually generate revenue.

Over the years, service releases or feature enhancements for AWS services that help better-enable governance at scale don't get a lot of fanfare. If I had to guess, I'd say 75% of the architects in AWS are building applications and services while the other 25% are focused on Management and Governance.

To me, building out AWS Organizations and Accounts is like building the product. The architecture of the accounts is just like the architecture of a full-stack application if you look at it through the right lens.

That is why I think this year there is going to be more attention given to Services, Features, and Reference Architectures that support the management and governance of Multi-Account and (if they don't flat out say it) Multi-Organization Strategy.

Managing Accounts

A few issues ago I mentioned some big updates for GovCloud. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect more updates to Control Tower and even more specifically Control Tower in GovCloud. Like the ability to display the compliance status of external AWS Config Rules.

Reference Architectures such as the Account Factory for Terraform and Customizations for Control Tower have their own space in the AWS Control Tower User Guide but most don't go that deep into the docs for deployment. They are usually provided as optional frameworks and likely only deployed based on a recommendation through your AWS Account Manager or SA if you are lucky enough to have those.

Having deployed both of these solutions many times, you can see the power in them. You can also see the value AWS would gain by nudging more customers to use them. Today, they require a little bit of front-loading to deploy to an organization. They don't currently integrate with the console, CLI, or SDK. I expect to see either of these solutions incorporated into the backend for features added to the console and CLI. If not these exact solutions, then something that is built off of their foundation.

Service management Delegation

With recent updates like Delegate Organization CloudTrial Administrator, you have to know there is more going on on the backend around service delegation. Getting anyone and everyone out of the management account is crucial. I think everyone sees the benefit here.

I have my gripes over how some of the services have been delegated or how you can use them across the org from the delegated account. Some of it is growing pains from AWS. Some of it is me just learning the intended purpose in mind for the delegation. And as I stated in a previous issue, I may just be flat-out doing something wrong.

I expect this list of Services that work with Organizations to grow or change slightly with regard to what services can be delegated to an administrator account and why.

If you read my Case for Multi-Org by now, it would be a stretch, but we could maybe see delegation outside of the current organization.

Automated deployment

All of these new management and governance services/features are great, but the issue of scalability hasn't been addressed. Not for account orchestration or for application deployment. Obviously, I'm more focused on account orchestration.

The suite of AWS Code(Build/Commit/Deploy/Pipeline) services is probably great for application deployment. Admittedly I don't have much experience with them but I know enough to tell cross/multi-account deployments aren't trivial.

If you've looked at Account Factory for Terraform, you can see that the solution incorporates GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, and of course CodeCommit.

Expect more of this.

Customizations for Control Tower rightfully leverage the AWS Code* suite of services, but again, keeping your customizations up-to-date or in sync is not trivial.

While the solutions that might be coming down the pipeline probably won't directly support the Governance and Management of multiple accounts or organizations, I do suspect we will see some releases of features or services that better support multi-environment and/or account deployment and management of delivery pipelines.

Latest M&G Announcements

  • This is big - AWS Service Catalog now supports the sharing of principal names when sharing a portfolio within an AWS Organization which at first glance doesn't look like that big of a deal. The IAM Principals still need to be present in the account but if you deployed Service Catalog Portfolios in the past, someone needed access to give the users/groups/roles in the account access to the portfolio. That or you need a wacky custom resource to do the assignment. If I read this right, that is no longer required. The roles just need to be in the account. And obviously have the permissions required to both see/use the portfolio and products as well as launch the resources deployed by the product. I'll be playing with this more soon.

  • I'm more annoyed about the AWS Organizations CloudFormation resource type than I am excited. At this point, I'm not even sure how I would implement it with. The only thing I can't do with the frameworks I have in place is create/manage OUs but those are static enough and already need to be enrolled into Control Tower. This definitely has value for Control Tower laggards.

AFT SSO Account Configuration

If you have started using Account Factory for Terraform as your account provisioning and customization tool, this solution is a must-have.

I retrofitted the bootstrap for the last 4 AWS Organizations I deployed and this global customization makes it so easy to assign permission sets to users and groups immediately at account provisioning.

The best thing is it is idempotent. In that, if someone changes permissions elsewhere, the next time you trigger the customization pipeline on the account, your permissions will be reset to how they are configured in the account request module.

I'm working on a scheduled task to run all of my AFT Customization Pipelines daily.

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