Who is your 📧 provider?

New AWS Accounts require unique email addresses. How do you manage them?

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This week's topics

  • AWS Organizations Greenfield Content Update

  • Which email provider do you use?

  • Governance Announcements and Releases

Content Update

I’m remembering now why I haven’t generated a ton of static content in the past. Lots of decisions result in fatigue.

I’ve waffled on self-hosting vs. using an LMS Platform for the content and right now I think using a platform will save me time. The solution will also allow you to be more easily review content on the go if that is your thing.

To make things more digestible, I have broken content out into more Modules so I can drip them out more frequently once completed and not cram so much into a single video.

Much about the configuration of a new AWS Organization, or making some of these modifications to an existing Org will be waiting for changes and updates to replicate which in many cases will be 24-72 hours. When these things happen that seems like a logical end to a module and to pick up in the next where that one left off. If you’re just joining me, the original plan can be found here.

Email Provider

Believe it or not, when it comes to governance and management, the foundation is laid long before you deploy your first AWS Account. Part of that is naming convention and communications.

To support the content in the first module, I’d like to know what Email provider you use in your organization. What emails do you use when generating new AWS Accounts? If you were interested in the content (or even if not) I’d love to know what email provider you are using in your companies and for the spawning of new AWS accounts. Please answer this quick form:


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