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Happy National Donut Day. This is Unlimited Leave, the AWS Management and Governance newsletter that provides * for all of your ? needs.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice iced long john on this beautiful June morning.

This week's topics

  • AWS archives documentation Git Repos

  • Service feature updates

  • The Oprah or refunds

AWS Archives Documentation Repos

Do you ever feel like you are contributing to the progress of something special when you submit a Pull Request for a typo or missed punctuation?

As tempted as I’ve been to be ‘that guy’, I’ve never pulled the trigger. I know many have and I’m sure it is exhausting to be on the other end. In the many community Slack Workspaces I am part of, I frequently see gripes about bad AWS documentation. I can feel the pain in this post by Jeff Barr so I get it.

I hope this gives the teams the time and the focus to help make the docs even better.

Service feature updates

The Oprah of refunds

You get a refund! And YOU get a refund! You all get a refund.

It’s not ideal and it’s never what I had in mind, but I can already feel a sense of relief just typing it out. Over the next 2 weeks, everyone who supported the presale of my Greenfield AWS Organizations Course will receive a full refund.

Since this is an AWS-focused newsletter and not a personal counseling session, I’ll spare most of the details.

The gist:

  • My real job is taking a lot out of me right now and will continue to do so for the next few months (bonus, lots of learning and content for the newsletter)

  • Three nights a week we have family/kid activities for the next couple of months

  • At the moment it is about 65% complete. I could complete it but at the expense of things I’m not willing to give up

  • I’m sure people would have still found flaws in the content, but if I can’t do something to a higher standard, it’s hard to do at all. Making a content plan, recording it, editing, and publishing it all on my own takes way more than I anticipated

All of that to say, my family is getting what’s left of me instead of the best of me. A rushed dad in the morning and a distracted husband/father in the evenings.

The Plan:

I’m still going to work on completing the course but without a deadline. Anyone that supported the presale will have the opportunity to purchase at a discounted rate when the course is complete.

I will continue to publish the newsletter so long as AWS provides updates that I’m interested in about the work I do in AWS.

Continued Gratitude

I sincerely appreciate the continued patronage of the newsletter. I’ve lost very few subscribers over the months and the list continues to grow every month. I realize many of you were looking forward to the course at launch so I apologize for the delay. Thank you!

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